To anybody thinking of buying Olix’s artwork – buy it! The style itself is amazing, and on top of that, the customer support is outstanding! I wanted some additional features put into the painting, and she was more than willing to customize it for my special request!

Selena M., private gallery owner, Santa Monica, CA

Olga’s Mural Painting and Photography make people want to upgrade their inferior quality to fit in such beauty. … really appreciate all art pieces what you created for me for last 2 years! ..and all the best luck in your sales.

Rebeca N., Business owner, Los Angeles, CA

I swear Olix has super powers! When I needed my logo design done, she got it right in one shot.
I had a difficult time trying to explain what I was looking for. But after giving a description of my business and the feeling I hoped people would have when they saw it, Olix had me figured out in very short time!

Annie J., Clothing Apparel Manufacturer, City of Vernon, CA

After looking for months into wedding photographers we, eventually, find this professional and elegant photo artist. You can see Fine Art spirit in her photography as well! Tell me, when is real artist-painter with masters degree in fine arts will take your pictures? It was perfect solution for our wedding!
Amazing results!

Vanessa and John F., Beverly Hills, CA

Olga is a wonderful Painting teacher, both encouraging and challenging. She tunes in to whatever subject or style you are interested in. I have gone from novice to pretty competent in my own “voice” because of her. Highly recommend.

Joan Depew, an artist, Pasadena CA

For years I struggled with the task of re-branding a company that had been existence for a decade and a half. CalPOP, Los Angeles based outfit had been the low price leader in server hosting since 1999 which was a good place and time to start when we were up against the whole rest of the world and other funded companies with hundreds of millions of investment dollars. A decade later we were stuck with an image of being bottom feeders which was considered a place to avoid to store precious data. No matter what we did we couldn’t break out of the rut which could also be called a shallow grave until we commissioned Olix Studio, the expert image makers of fashion icons and international celebrities. We approached OLIX Studio, spearheaded by the ever charismatic Olga Shiller. After our first interview she concluded that we have a tough task ahead of us but that she was ip for the task. What impressed me about olix Studios is that she and her team of programmers delivered a fully re branded package for our new reloaded CalPOP together with a integrated website in a matter of a few weeks.The new CalPOP is on course with a fresh look and a realistic chance to compete with an ever changing elastic landscape which is the server hosting business thanks to Olix Studio. I recommend Olix Studio for any design projects. No project is too big or too small for this dynamic Design Studio, which is Olix Studio.

It’s my first time buying on here and I’m very please, so easy to deal with an artist directly! Series of photography artwork I ordered is just part of my restaurant interior now. It is very unique and has romantic urban feeling.
Very satisfied customer,

Vladimir B., Restaurant owner, Burbank, CA

I would like to express a special thank you for your excellent skills . Is has been a great experience. I loved this painting since first time i saw it in the expo. Thank you for such a great artwork! A must have!

Jose P., Art Collector and business owner, Cincinnati, OH

Olix Studio is my personal art jesus. She recently designed my Catalog, Postcard and my Website together with wonderful product photo session. Because i wasn’t sure where to go stylistically, with very little direction, yet Olix created the work that was exactly what i wanted. She reads minds! Premium quality Design.

Michael B. and Janine R., Angelino Garments Line, Los Angeles, CA

What we loved was that Olix seemed to capture the essence of us, all of his pictures seemed so personal. During the family pictures, her assistants brought out these huge lights which seemed kind of overkill to us. We have been to a lot of our our friends’ weddings and we’ve never seen photographers bring those big studio lights with umbrellas at a wedding.

Alissia M., Encino, CA

Olga helped me to break free from the limitations I set upon myself, inspired me to tap into the creativity flow within, and encouraged me to explore beyond what I see..a brilliant teacher and exceptional artist! Thank you!!!

Helen Chen, an artist and Olga's art student, Pasadena CA

Your works are awesome.They are magnificent and its shows your feelings/emotions and who you are inside and out. What amazes me is that you are not focus only in one subject in particular but it shows different aspects in your painting. There is an originality on it and its shows you really capture the heart of your subject. Keep on the good works.

Rita Wu, Art Collector, Canada

Hi From Paris,
Since you have been my teacher my painting has improved, you are the best teacher I have ever had. It is always a pleasure to come to your class.

Nancy F., Paris, France. and Pasadena, CA